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Anonymous Reporting

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How it Works - File a Report

  1. Select File a Report.

  2. Select The type of report you would like to file.

  3. Select and complete the easy to follow screens to report your information.

Upon filing your report, you will have the ability to Opt In or Out. Opting in helps strengthen your issue and your identity will never be revealed. You will need to provide fromanonymous.com your email however, this information will strictly remain with fromanonymous.com and not be disclosed to the recipient of the report. It is needed for two way communications which go through fromanonymous.com. In the event you choose to opt out, your report will still be filed however, you and the receiver of the report will not be able to communicate any further.

Once the report is filed, the receiver will receive an email sent by fromanonymous.com with the report information. In the event the sender Opts In, a separate email will be sent to the receiver indicating the sender has opted in. Another email will be sent to the sender confirming the information. The emails are completely separate and will contain a link to respond with the Message Id. In the event the sender Opts Out, only the receiver will be sent an email indicating that the sender has opted out and that no further communication will be possible.

Any information received and sent by fromanonymous.com will remain confidential.
However, in the event the site has been used for damaging purposes, reporting to authorities may be required.

Please use the site thoughtfully and responsibly!

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