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How it Works - Be Direct

Be Direct allows a user to anonymously send an email to any other email address:

  1. Select Be Direct.

  2. For security purposes and to help prevent the sending of malicious email messages, in order to send an email, the user must register with a user name, password and valid email address.

  3. The emial provided by the sender will be used for the two-way communications however, will not be shared with the receiver.

  4. Upon registering, login to the Be Direct portal, complete the simple to use form and send the email.

  5. The email will be sent to the receiver with a copy to the original sender. The original sender remains anonymous as all communications are sent through fromanonymous.com.

  6. If you are the recipient of an email, you can click the link and respond to the sender. If you are responding through the site, select Be Direct and click "Please click here if you are just responding to an email". You will need to enter the Message ID and the email you received the message to. A registration will not be required to respond.

Any information received and sent by fromanonymous.com will remain confidential.
However, in the event the site has been used for damaging purposes, reporting to authorities may be required.

Please use the site thoughtfully and responsibly!

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